“The teaching that I have experienced from Andrew Foan has been like no other. His encouragement, professionalism and support has allowed me to improve my technique to a standard beyond and anything I thought I could have dreamed of! I have been lucky enough to have been offered a place on the vocal course at the Royal Northern College of music starting in September and I hope to continue learning with Andrew when I come back during the holidays.”

– Issie Curchin
Undergraduate, Royal Northern College of Music

“Andrew is a brilliant teacher. I am incredibly grateful for his support and expertise, especially in the last year during my auditions for conservatoire, in which I was able to be accepted by both Guildhall and (with an added scholarship) RCM.”

– Daniel Bell
Undergraduate Royal College of Music (with scholarship)

“Now in my second year at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and I’m still coming back to Andy whenever I can. Such an inspiring and encouraging teacher who has given me both a passion for singing and thorough understanding of vocal technique.”

– Jonny de Garis
Undergradute Guildhall School of Music and Drama

“I started singing with Andrew 8 years ago. In that time not only has my voice improved beyond all recognition, but I have grown in confidence as a person along the way. Whatever their level of ability, or the nature of their ambitions, Andrew always goes the extra mile to ensure his students achieve great things. In my case, as it is for a remarkable number of his students, this was not only more than I thought I was capable of, it exceeded the very heights of my aspiration.

Some of his successes are quantifiable and empirical, and his unprecedented record of achievement placing students in the nation’s top conservatoires is testament to that. His other achievements, however, are harder to set down in statistics. Over the years Andrew has transformed his student base into something better described as a community of singers. I feel deeply fortunate to call myself a member of this special group – One composed of people from all backgrounds, ages, and levels of ability. It is a community united by our shared love of singing yes, but also through a shared enthusiasm for each other’s successes, and a shared confidence in what can be achieved with the right support. All of us owe are progress as singers to Andrew, and many of us owe him a great deal more.”

– Marek Horn
Bristol Old Vic

“I came to Andy initially for guidance towards grade 8 singing and within the first few lessons he immediately understood me both vocally and personally. However, Andy’s encouraging nature combined with his knowledge and experience for the art helped me to progress faster than I anticipated. I have gone on to pursue my passion for singing and am currently training in classical voice and opera at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. I have a lot to thank Andy for; nurturing me as a performer and musician to become part of his ever-growing repertoire of Conservatoire students.”

– Chris Head
Undergraduate Guildhall School of Music and Drama

“I am absolutely indebted to Andrew for his help over the 8 years that he has been my singing teacher and great friend. Not just in terms of actual singing teaching, which I have found to be second to none, but his reliability and pastoral support in developing all the complex components it requires to become a singer has been invaluable. In times of self-doubt he helped me get back on track to where I wanted to be.

I am now a more experienced singer, currently completing my 4th year as a vocal student at the Royal Northern College of Music, and it was his expertise, encouragement and guidance that gave me the courage to pursue singing as a profession, something that before meeting him I never thought could be a reality. The choice to do so has been the single most influential decision of my life so far, and I’m eternally grateful to him for single-handedly making it possible.

He is quite simply the most inspirational, versatile and passionate singing teacher anyone could hope for, and I will continue to have lessons with him throughout my career.”

– Tim Bagley
Postgraduate Royal Northern College of Music (with scholarship)

“We all have a responsibility to develop pathways for singers which help them to develop their potential and vocal technique. This may be for young people starting to discover their options and career possibilities or more experienced singers improving their vocal technique in order to maintain their singing standards and activities. Andrew Foan is an inspiring teacher and mentor. His teaching practice produces excellent results in singers of all ages, as well as great success in his students securing music college places.”

– Carolyn Date MBE

“My singing classes with Andrew are taking me on a journey I never thought I could begin to start. I love the challenge of it all. Thank you so much, particularly for your patience!”

– Janice Smith

“Andrew Foan offers a very high standard of teaching and invaluable opportunities to put that work into practise on stage. Without him I wouldn’t be the performer I am today.”

– James Collins
Arts Ed Graduate

“I was a singer before but my voice has improved beyond all recognition. Andrew Foan’s teaching made all the difference. Highly recommended.”

– Adrian Harding

“Your optimism and skills, and above all your gift to me of confidence, are allowing me to experience the joys of singing after a lifetime of wishing “if only I could”. Our morning lessons have me uplifted and humming for the rest of the day.”

– Steffen Riisager

“In 2013, I wrote ‘Some 50 years ago I achieved a high G8 mark on the violin, and now as a pensioner I have been absolutely delighted to attain similar high marks for G6 and then G7 singing. This has been entirely due to Andrew’s expert and patient teaching which takes students of all ages to achievement levels they would otherwise only dream about. G8 here I come!’ Well, I did indeed take G8 in 2014, and achieved a good distinction. A performance diploma is now on the cards.

Additionally, in September 2013, I successfully auditioned for the Bournemouth Symphony Chorus, and this has opened up a whole new musical world to me. Singing choral works with famous orchestras, singing tours to Bremen, Germany and Mumbai, India, performing in prestigious London venues and broadcast live on radio — these are all heights that I would never dreamt of achieving. All made possible by Andrew’s great teaching gift.”

– Ken Palmer

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